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Ask for it, already!

“Ask and you shall receive.”

“The Universe conspires to give you everything you want- just ask!”

These kinds of catch phrases run rampant in the coaching and new age community (guilty!).

So we get it. And we practice. And it’s hard (and I’ll talk about that at another time). But there’s something else I want to talk about today.

When we have this conversation, it’s usually about our Big Dreams To The Universe. You want to be abundant- ask for it. You want more freedom- ask for it. But what would happen if we started “asking for it” on a more person to person level (har, har… but, ya!).

mindreaderI mean, what if we asked our nearest and dearest for what we wanted instead of holding onto all of these unspoken expectations of our relations. Think about it: we buy into the concept of being clear with the ever-knowing omniscient Universe to get what we desire… but not the closest, most important people in our lives (who, for the record, are not ever-knowing and omniscient)?

So ask.

If you want a special day planned on Valentine’s from your lover? ASK.
If you want that raise? ASK.
If you want to try new stuff in the bedroom? ASK.
If you want support? ASK.

Try this.

Affirmation: It’s safe for me to take up space.

If it feels a bit icky, push through. It’s only fear. You won’t regret it and your relationships will only bloom.






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