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A word on being grounded.

“I’m so ungrounded.”

Have you ever thought or heard that? And then thought “well what does that really mean and why do I even want to be grounded?”

Everything on this earth is grounded. Similar to an electric charge, we need to be grounded to be energetically stable. Grounding can allow you to be centered and balanced in any situation. As women, we tend to pick up a lot of other people’s emotions and take them on as our own, grounding is an essential skill for living a more easeful life.

Signs that you’re ungrounded
  • Forgetting or stumbling on your words or ideas mid-sentence
  • Feeling rushed everywhere, and generally running a few minutes late
  • Forgetting to make eye contact with people
  • Forgetting where your car keys/ water bottle/ everyday items are
  • Losing patience quickly over small things (road rage, anyone?)
  • Inability to listen to others
  • Inability to concentrate on one thing and not multitask
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself or your emotions

The big thing here is to not take on any of this personally! The majority of the population could use more grounding in their lives because we live in a very overstimulated time. And the more time we spend in transactional relationships, including the ones with our devices, the more ungrounded we become.

Staying grounded therefore requires regular maintenance. There are lots of activities that we can do to stay grounded, such as yoga and meditation. Below, I’ve listed a few simple, easy techniques for getting grounded.


  1. Walk barefoot. This isn’t always an option in my homeland of Canada, but it’s the quickest and best way ground. Try and stay out there for 30 minutes.
  2. Grow your roots. Stand firmly with your feet hip-width apart and focus on your feet. Feel them really meetingthe ground beneathyou. Imagine them growing tree roots into the ground. Grow your roots deep, and spend some time here breathing in and out. 
  3. Plug in. Stand firmly with your feet hip-width apart and focus on your feet. Stomp your feet one at a time into the ground, imagining electric prongs on the bottom of them, intentionally “plugging” yourself into the earth. Stay and breathe for 3 cycles.
  4. Set up a circuit. Stand firmly with your feet hip-width apart and focus on your feet. Feel them really meeting the ground beneath you. Imagine a circuit of energy running between you and the earth, giving and receiving energy. Stay and breathe for 5 cycles.
  5. The Wayne-Cook Posture:

New evidence is emerging that supports regular grounding as a way to reduce stress, reduce inflammation, reduce chronic pain, and improve circulation. So, for me that makes it a no-brainer to living a long, joyful life.

Give a few of these methods a try and let me know about your experience in the comments below.

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