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A space to gather {COVID-19 offerings}

It’s been over a week here in North America that we’ve been slowly coming to terms with our new shared reality. I’m not here to talk about what’s happening and what we can all do to support the collective from a medical perspective, nor to talk about how big of a deal this is- it’s already been written across the internet and on the faces of our loved ones.

What I’m here to do today is share some of my own experience, provide maybe a bit of a map of understanding around behaviours, and to talk about what I’m doing as an individual to ensure that while my doors are shut, my heart remains open.

It’s a long one, so bear with me if you can.

For many people facing this new way of being, they’ve experienced an uptick in their anxiety. A desire to move a lot more, control a lot more, organize all the things, buy all the things. And I want to normalize that experience- it’s perfectly normal for our nervous systems to jump into hyperdrive when we’re encountering a pandemic that feels uncontrollable. In an attempt to feel safe, we’re running around trying to secure the perimeter.. either that of our own or that of our loved ones. And because we cannot actually control all that is happening, we might stay in this state, never actually satisfying the instinct to seek safety through fight, flight and hypersocialization. And so it goes on…

And on the other side of the spectrum, we may be the person who is feeling not a whole lot. Maybe the person who is rejecting the reality portrayed by some folks outright and is continuing on with their lives as if nothing is happening, also as a way to feel safe. Again, a very normal response.

And there’s the people who are having such a hard time taking all of this in that we simply collapse. We desire to feel nothing. We slide deeper into the couch, deeper into Netflix, deeper into any kind of comfort we can find. And maybe we sink so deeply that it feels impossible to move– we are completely immobilized, all in an effort to feel safe. And I want to normalize this too.

And often we can see ourselves in all of these people. We are human, and our choices aren’t ever consistent, our actions never the same- especially in times of great change.

There is so much happening, so much change in the air and luckily, on the internet. In my small online community, people are showing up to support others in almost unprecedented ways.

This week alone, I’m attending an online painting class, a sing-a-long, and a virtual dinner date.

I want to also be someone who is reminder: we’re not in this alone, and we’re going to get through all of this together. We need one another. We need collective care. And we don’t have to pull ourselves out from under all of this heaviness alone.

So, I have a few things on offer. And a few guidelines on how we are to be together: body knows best, move slowly, have an ear on doability, and do it from love.

If either opportunity speaks to you, I’d love to have you.

1. Create Space. Every Tuesday from 1-2:30 EST and Thursday from 3-4:30 EST I’m hosting a free gathering online. It’s not coaching or reiki, but it’s a time block for your calendar in which you are being asked to show up, in love, for yourself, your dreams, your creativity, your body.

I am the person experiencing a slow slip into numbness and immobility- it’s simply how my body reacts to danger. I FREEZE. So, I need to be held in community with love. I desire to make small promises to myself to show up if even for 90 minutes, to work on something that’s meaningful to me.

Be it an art project, a work project, a bunch of organizing or personal administration… what feels good that day.

This is a free, drop-in offering- simply show up– I’ll be there. Find me at this link at the date and time and you’re in!

2. Collective Care Circles. I’ve had a few in-person event cancellations, and in lieu of being together in person, I’m bringing them online. The format for these will be flexible and fluid, designed to meet emerging needs. They will likely include some distance reiki, co-regulation, learning more about our nervous systems, and how to come into greater peace and ease at times that are decidedly Not. That. Perhaps we’ll have a dance party, do some embodied movement, and learn about ourselves.. together.

This Monday at 1:30pm EST, and every Monday for the foreseeable future. 60 minutes, with an asking investment of 25$ or Pay What You Can. 75% of this fee goes toward helping families and individuals who are in need of financial support at this time here in Ottawa.

For access, send payment to and choose your option- I’ll send details for where to meet. Feel free to sign up one by one, or sign up for a few weeks at a time (just let me know what you’ve decided by reaching out here).

That’s it for now. I hope to see you around, on the internet. And if you’re finding yourself in need of support, please know that I’m here and there are so many ways we can be with one another, connect to our magic, and move through this together.

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