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I’m moving away from 6 month coaching packages

I’m moving from 6-month coaching program commitments to a pay-as-we-go model.

Want to meet every week for a few weeks? Great.

Want a session once a month? Perfect.

Want to set up bi-weekly sessions for 3 months straight? Let’s do it.

Fees remain sliding scale from $150-250 per 75 min session with the *dream* of dropping that price even more as my practice fills.

Why make the change?

It starts with integrity. I had to ask myself: am I in a place where I’m able and willing to commit hundreds of dollars to my own support in the form of a “package”.

And the truth is… I’m not. I’m restarting my business after mat leave, I now have a baby (!?), and we’re all navigating massive fluxes in the global economy that are hitting hard.

A long-term commitment, even if technically “doable”, feels unsafe in my body. There is too much uncertainty in the field, my body is a no.

In this season of my life, I lean into models that feel more flexible, even if they actually look the same as a six-month commitment. It FEELS different.

In this season of my life, I want access to multiple practitioners to meet my changing needs.

In this season of my life, I want to get even clearer on what consent actually looks like in my practice. As someone who works with clients on attachment issues, I know that it’s not enough to simply say “you’re not beholden to this agreement” – I want to make sure my clients feel truly empowered and in control.

So, out with the old model of hundreds up front, in with a pay-as-you-go model.

The goal remains the same: supporting you in slow, doable, long-term somatic care. The container just looks different.

Finally, this choice wasn’t made in a vacuum! I’m so grateful to be in a supportive network of folks who are ever circling around integrity in service, watching the landscape, and experimenting with their practice. 

To name a few: thank you Bear Hebert for the seeds, thank you Varvara for the possibility, thank you Carmen Spagnola for creating a space where conversations like this happen.

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