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Body-first business is a part of a growing movement for humans in business that centres our collective wellness, wisdom and creativity. Models like these stand in opposition of isolation, extraction and profit-over-everything, including our own vitality and joy.

Perhaps the easiest way for me to talk about what body-first business aims to provide is to place it in opposition of the more traditional ways of doing business myself and my clients have grown out of. This is Part 1 of a series!

BFB = Sustainable output, NOT exploitative output

So much of the traditional business world is all about putting out your biggest output for the best shot at high profits. But haven’t we all put in the work to promote our offerings and still… not a return in sight.

And it’s not because you didn’t do enough, or that you were putting out the “wrong juju”… but because the concept of bigger output, greater impact is a capitalist lie.

Our bodies, like the earth, are not vessels of infinite resource. We have real-world limits, and when we run our bodies beyond their capacity over time, we, like the earth, will collapse. What does collapse look like in my client’s bodies? Cycling through the “highs” of intense over-giving/over-working coupled with “lows” of self-doubt, procrastination, hopelessness and numbness.

Overtime, this can lead to restlessness and sleeplessness, and chronic fatigue, pain and disease. My desire for us is to look forward to growing old with our businesses, not working ourselves to an early grave.

BFB aims to provide you with the tools and space required to move towards a more sustainable output.

How’s your body doing now, friend? If you’re interested in being a part of BFB, find the link in my bio or reach out for info.

And if you’re feeling any speed running through you right now I invite you into a quick practice that follows!

👀 Notice your surroundings. Take a look around your space, including behind you, by slowly moving your head and core. Notice what you see, maybe even naming some objects that stand out to you

👣 Come back to stillness, and move your attention to your feet- maybe picking up your toes one at a time and placing them back on the ground, or slowly picking your entire foot up and placing it back down. The key here is slow movement. Notice how that feels, how the muscles and bones move. Repeat for a few breaths.

🧚‍♀️Check in with yourself- is there still speed in your body? If so, maybe it would feel nice to move to other parts of your body, slowly moving and noticing your knees, your hips, your hands… or even returning to your feet.

🎶 For a bonus – add in a slow hummmmm as you move.This is a small tidbit of some of a practice you’ll learn and move through in BFB.

If you’re interested in joining us, check out the information page and sign up for the waitlist! We start April 27th.


Join the waitlist for body-first business

We start April 27th!

Body-first Business is opening for it’s second cohort- the waitlist is officially collecting names for this small, intimate group coaching program. And we officially kick off our togetherness on April 17th. There’s a lot the same going into this next cohort.

– Pre-recorded small, digestible psycho-education on nervous system regulation and dysregulation

– live somatic group processes (thurs at 1pm EST)

– live somatic workouts (thurs at 1pm EST)

And some new stuff! More collective brain storming and individualized support around navigating being an anti-capitalist entrepreneur, navigating rhythms of rest and rush, building embodied trust… and whatever else you find yourself sorting through in this wild world of online business making.

If this sounds like your bag, navigate here to either book a quick chat about the program or find more info as well as the waitlist. I’m stoked to gather.


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