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I was just in a coffee shop and overheard two women combing over an email to a prof asking for a meeting to pick their brain. They were going through it with a fine-toothed comb- is it polite? Is it clear? Is it in my voice? Is my ask too much? What can I offer in return?

I smiled. I remember when every email I sent and every post I wrote needed as much care and attention. I was afraid of writing partial truths, of leaving something out, of not having my languaging perfect.

Every conversation I started with someone, sales or not, was so high stakes. I remember even reaching out to make a connection with someone I admired or liked felt SO UNCOMFORTABLE.

From small moves to the bigger stuff, I was constantly seeking a second, third, fourth eye on my decisions.

It’s kind of funny looking back on this pattern in my life.

I think if you asked anyone who knows me, they’d describe me as a strong-willed person. Someone who often walks to the beat of her own drum. Stubborn. A woman with opinions and a voice. Well-articulated, kind…

And while those attributes are true, there were still massive areas in my life where I wasn’t any of those things. I couldn’t conjure my Inner Jo, the one who took confident risks. Who knew her worth and value. Knew she was good. Knew she was in integrity. Knew she could ask for more. Without bending or bracing or waiting for the lash back.

So why was this business thing so hard?

Because of developmental trauma, I had no intrinsic barometer for self-trust and had to source it from others. I was terrified of being shitty and hurting people or causing offense and so everything I did as I stepped deeper into service took a lot out of me.

I couldn’t take up the leadership space that I was actually ready for. And I made choices that reflected the opinions of others rather than my own Blueprint. I was exhausted, growth was really hard, change was slow, I was unhappy and ashamed.

Today, I’m still calibrating my barometer with every growth leap I take. I’ve got some wise advisors I reach out to when I need someone to hold space for my own decisions. I have a keen eye on my own integrity, not out of hyper-vigilance but to be well, in integrity.

And my work has so much more space to flow. My service is bigger and brighter. My capacity growing with each breathe. And it feels SO good- for me and my clients. We’re going further, together.
If you resonate with any of this, I’d love to chat about the path we can take together- I’d be honoured to guide you into deeper self-trust.

Click here to schedule a 90-minute feeler call so we can get to know one another.


Trauma Informed Reiki One LIVE in Ottawa

Sunday, January 5th at ReYoga in Ottawa 9:30-5pm

I’ve been exploring the idea of offering an in-person Reiki Certification for a long time. I’ve been exploring and experimenting with teaching this content in different shapes and forms- always smaller bites here and there learning what is mine to teach, devoted to finding my place is a long lineage of practice.

And finally, my quiet wish is coming into fruition in a bigger way. I’m hosting my own trauma-informed Reiki training here in Ottawa, opening the doors to local womxn who are also curious about healing in community.

I’ve been loving my own journey of discovering this beautiful healing modality. I was certified almost ten years ago, and it has been a foundation of who I am and what I have to give in this lifetime. 

I’ve also been noticing that we’re all in need of a more solid foundation as we learn to navigate times of great upheaval collectively. That we’re yearning for more rootedness, more solidity in the rollercoaster of our lives. That we’re desiring to be caring and cared for. That we’re seeking greater peace as a way through, and hopefully out of, this current wat we’re living.

I’m ready to share my unique approach to Reiki that honours the lineage and speaks to these deep needs with whoever’s ready to receive it.

So what I’ve created for us is this… one full-day of reiki and healing togetherness. 

Reiki is a lineage of attunements, so we’ll attune our bodies energetically towards receiving even more life-force energy. 

We’ll learn about our nervous systems and out subtle bodies and how we can use reiki to re-pattern ourselves to be in greater alignment, mind-body-spirit, with the life of our choosing. Marrying the science and the spiritual. 

We’ll feast together.

Then, we’ll play. I’ll pass on my own incantations I use in client work, we’ll practice on ourselves and each other.

We’ll then use Reiki to infuse intentions for our year.

This is what I’m ready for. How about you? Will you join me?

The details.

What: A Day-long Reiki One Certification

Where: ReYoga, 209 Hannah St. Ottawa (street parking available, public transit available)

When: Sunday, January 5th, 9:30am – 5pm

Why: Regenerative community awesomeness, adding beautiful tools to your healing toolbox, togetherness!

Investment: 195$ before December 25th (yay Christmas presents!) and $240

What’s included…

  • Your Reiki I attunements 
  • An in-depth understanding of reiki history
  • How Reiki works and how it can aid in transforming trauma
  • Instruction on how to use Reiki for self-healing and guiding sessions with loved-ones and clients as a trauma-informed practitioner
  • How to care for yourself when engaging in the healing arts
  • A resource guide to take home
  • Hand-on practice
  • A yummy meal + snacks (appropriate to your food needs)
  • Some surprise goodies!
  • A shiny certificate
  • A shared new community of healing-minded folks to grow with


  • A bonus 45-minute virtual session with me! 

Walk away with… a juicy, peaceful feeling in your body that follows you throughout your life. More ease, more peace, more kindness, more joy, more love, more powerful through ALLLL of your days. With reiki, we’re letting go of all kinds of junk that no longer works- old thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, patterns, and conditions. 

Looking for more? If you’re wanting to work with Reiki and be in a healing container with me, check out my coaching offer which includes discounted access to this course. 

Who this is for…

This is for womxn-identified folks who believe in the power of building a community that heals. The seekers, the change-makers, the ones who are ready to step into their own powerful healing. The people who desire to create a world where we care and tend for one another, where we are capable of showing up, deeply for one another, where we dance in the co-creation and collaborative efforts of healing this planet for all.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is the best healing modality I know– it connects you with your own healing gifts in a DEEP way, allowing you to get into the flow, and open up pathways to the outcomes you desire. Because it is an expression of your natural blueprint of health, your natural capacity to move through deep waters to find that one thing we’re all seeking- a deep peace in this crazy, chaotic world.

Its magic is a reflection of you, a quick shot to your greatest potential in all areas of your life.

The beauty of using Reiki for healing is that it can navigate through all aspects of you: body, mind, emotion, spirit, soul. We can use it to heal our past and sow seeds for the future. 

Reiki doesn’t show you where you’re broken, it clears away your clutter and amplifies your inherent wholeness. 

And why trauma-informed? Because a trauma-informed lens on healing is empowering and uplifting and in my opinion, necessary for truly lasting, sustained healing. The truth is that we live in a complicated world, and many of us are carrying around the after-effects of hard experiences and we need all the tools we can get. Reiki is one tool, but this perspective will teach you how to listen to your body so you can find more tools, teachers and experiences that will be life-giving + regenerative.

Next steps…

  • Make Your Payment 195$ before December 25th (yay Christmas presents!) 
    • $195 (in full) or in 2 monthly installments of $100 each. 
    • Send e-transfer to, password REIKI to get the process rolling


Once payment is received, you will receive a welcome email with info and links to your Resource Book (for keeners!) and book your 1:1 call with me!


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