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Embracing Resistance: A Somatic Coaching Perspective


In our quest for personal growth and creative fulfillment, we often encounter resistance that hinders us from fully experiencing our emotions or taking action on important projects. However, from a somatic coaching perspective, befriending resistance can be a catalyst for transformative change. By exploring the underlying emotions and beliefs that contribute to resistance, we open the door to self-awareness, healing, and empowerment. In this article, we delve into the reasons why embracing resistance can be a powerful tool for personal and creative growth.

Uncovering the Deeper Layers in Resistance

Resistance is a signal from our bodies that something deeper is at play within us. By embracing resistance, we gain insights into the underlying emotions, beliefs, or past experiences that contribute to it. This process cultivates self-awareness and enables us to understand ourselves on a deeper level. Through somatic coaching techniques, we explore the physical sensations and tensions associated with resistance, guiding us toward a more profound understanding of ourselves.

Unveiling Hidden Wisdom: The Protective Nature of Resistance

Resistance often arises as a protective mechanism, shielding us from perceived threats or vulnerabilities. By befriending resistance, we can uncover the wisdom it holds. It may be trying to communicate important information or protect us from potential harm. By listening attentively and understanding this wisdom, we can navigate our emotions and actions more effectively. Somatic coaching provides a safe space to engage with our resistance, allowing us to access this hidden wisdom and utilize it for personal growth.

Healing and Integration: Compassionate Exploration

Befriending resistance creates a compassionate and non-judgmental environment for exploring our inner landscape. This approach supports the healing and integration of past wounds or traumas that may contribute to our resistance. As we develop a compassionate relationship with our resistance, we create space for healing and growth. Somatic coaching techniques, such as body-oriented practices and gentle movement, can facilitate the release and integration of stuck emotions and patterns.

Overcoming Stuck Patterns: Empowering Change

Resistance often keeps us trapped in unproductive patterns, hindering our personal and creative potential. Befriending resistance allows us to gradually explore and challenge these patterns. This process helps us identify new possibilities and develop strategies to overcome obstacles that impede our progress. With the guidance of a somatic coach, we can navigate our resistance and transform it into a catalyst for change, unlocking new avenues for growth and achievement.

Building Resilience and Empowerment: Nurturing a Compassionate Relationship with Ourselves

Befriending resistance fosters resilience by enabling us to develop a supportive and compassionate relationship with ourselves. As we navigate and transform our resistance, we cultivate a sense of empowerment and agency. This newfound resilience extends beyond the therapeutic realm and positively impacts other areas of our lives. Somatic coaching equips us with tools and techniques to engage with our resistance effectively, empowering us to embrace life’s challenges with strength and grace.


Embracing resistance from a somatic coaching perspective can be a profound catalyst for transformative growth. By befriending our resistance, we gain self-awareness, unveil hidden wisdom, facilitate healing and integration, overcome stuck patterns, and build resilience and empowerment. Through compassionate exploration and the guidance of somatic therapy techniques, we create a pathway to personal and creative fulfillment. So, let us embark on this journey of befriending our resistance and discover the boundless potential that lies within us.


Upcoming Workshop: Skills for Overwhelmed Parents

What: Free online workshop for new parents experiencing overwhelm and are interested in trying out some nervous system support tools to help them out. The workshop will offer a mix of education and practice.

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During this workshop, we’ll create a safe and supportive space for you to share your experiences with other new parents who are going through similar challenges. We’ll explore the ways that overwhelm and overstimulation can impact your nervous system and discuss strategies for managing these sensations.

Most importantly, we’ll practice somatic tools that can help you to feel more grounded, present, and centered, even in the midst of chaos. These tools will help you to regulate your nervous system and increase your capacity to cope with the demands of parenthood. By the end of this 90-minute workshop, you’ll feel more empowered and better equipped to navigate the ups and downs of new parenthood with greater ease and grace.

So if you’re ready to transform overwhelm into resilience, join us! A recording will be provided for those unable to attend live.


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