Nurturing Self

I’m Jo Tucker, a body-based trauma coach, and I’m so excited to bring this group course forward into Fall + Winter.

I’m extending an invitation today for you to join my space.

A space for women, cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centres on the experiences of women, people who are feeling the desire for more than just getting through their days. 

I’ve created a space for us to slow down, to thaw out a bit, to become resourced, to process, to reclaim, rest and digest, and to support each other. 

A container for holding each of us in the journey of coming home to ourselves, so we’re able to show up for our families, our work, and our dreams.

I have been creating these kinds of spaces for groups and individuals for some time now. And I’ve come to realize two vital things:

  1. It’s impossible to achieve sustainable change by using our minds alone. We have to bring our bodies in to create sustained, transformative change. This is the power of somatic work.
  2. And even if we have all the tools we need, we cannot heal and thrive in isolation- that’s not who we were born to be! We need one another.
Here’s what some beautiful humans who participated in my first Nurturing Self container had to say about their experience:

Before the course, I was aware about trauma and the effects it could have, however I was unable to positively deal with the effects. Now I am much better informed and I know I have a more robust toolkit- the amount of information and the ability to practice with Jo during the course was really impactful. Everyone can learn to be better with trauma. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course. It has unlocked alot of things for me which I am going to use to better myself and those around me.

Phil K.

Before class, I was pretty informed about trauma. The somatic approach you share is incredibly soft, nurturing, and effective in uncovering and healing deeper layers. It’s so much more doable and sustainable. Moving my knowledge and skills down into my body from my head has allowed the doors to be opened for real and sustainable transformation and developing resilience to be able to walk in the world authentically as me. Even with the practices, I’ve already been introduced to there are deeper more juicy levels to excavate and explore- there’s really no comparison to the before Jo time. And while the course is delivered online, I love the feeling of community and support you nurture.


I feel called to make this invitation to you especially now, when we’re feeling more isolated, more stretched than ever.

Let’s recruit the magic of our bodies and minds to rewire for greater resilience. I believe that creating that magic together will make it all the more powerful.

Over the many years I have been working in this field, I have been stocking a magical tool box that allows for trusting in our bodies, for finding more peace our being-ness, more calm and presence in carrying out our daily responsibilities, and for showing up authentically in our relationships. 

Perhaps you already have some awareness about the patterns of behaviour and thought that make you feel uncomfortable, exhausted, or even ashamed.

You might have already tried all the things to shift that to something more sustainable, to something that replenishes your resources and capacity rather than depleting them. 

You might not realize yet that you are not to blame for learning the systems handed down to you from generation to generation. They might seem to be working to the outside eye, for the bottom line, but they’re not working for our hearts and souls. 

I want to share my magical, practical, doable box of tools with you. To allow us to rebuild from the body out, using somatic processes, to shift into a more loving, peaceful and sustainable strategy for navigating our worlds with the power of our own agency.

What will that look like?

I have designed a 3-month collective container online, starting Saturday October 31st, and I can’t wait to meet you there!

Skills we’ll develop together

3-month course includes

A 60 minute call to open the container.

A monthly cycle of 3 weeks, with one live 2 hour call per week dedicated to group teaching and coaching, focused on learning and practicing our new skills and knowledge together.

Followed by a 4th week to rest, digest, and integrate.

After three cycles, we’ll close the container with a final 60 minute call.

Call time is Saturdays at 1pm EST.

You will have access to recordings of the call if you are unable to attend a session, or if you’d like to review it for as long as I am offering this course. 

Especially now, you may be looking for a little cozy support without stressing your time, money and energy resources farther than they’re able. 

Here’s your invitation!

The investment for this offering is $129USD per month for 4 months, or $516 USD paid in full. 

I am also offering an optional add-on of three individual 60-minute coaching sessions in conjunction with the course. The investment for this option is $422USD per month, or $1266 paid in full.

To determine if we’re a good fit for this hybrid offer, you must schedule a 90-minute conversation free of charge here prior to enrolling.

If you’re interested in this option, book a feeler call here.

I am offering full and partial (50%) scholarships, giving priority to Black people, Indigenous people and persons of colour, and single mothers.

Please email me at if you would like to be considered for a scholarship, or if you are wanting to make a donation to support the scholarship fund.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you in October. It’s going to be magic!

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