I’m looking forward to the next circle – they’re just the best.

Before the circle I was feeling cluttered and had a headache. I had been at a big birthday celebration the night before, and then had a day packed with meetings, training and a lot of demands on my time.

I was so happy to come to the circle at the end of my hectic day. I immediately felt calmer and could feel myself relax as I sunk into the comfortable sofa in our beautiful space. A lovely altar was set up with goddess and oracle cards, which are always so relevant to where I am in life at that moment. I love pulling those cards, they’re always a highlight of my evening at your circles.

It was an intimate evening of sharing and meditation that cleared my energy. I felt grounded, supported and peaceful by the end. My headache was gone and my spirit renewed. We were babes supporting babes in a loving, non-judgmental and restorative space.

I’m looking forward to the next circle – they’re just the best. Thank you Jo!


I had no real hesitations in working with Jo– it was just a matter of making time for myself.

I was suffering from recurrent back pain and would do anything to have it resolved.

Coming into our distance reiki session I was feeling tired AF. I felt so peaceful in session- And as a result, I slept for over 12 hours.


Erin Lindstrom

Distance reiki felt like a bit of a stretch but I just “felt” that Jo was the right choice for me.

After our session. I felt more clear and focused on what is next, or needs to be next, for me in my journey.

Jo’s ability to zero in on exactly what was blocking me and to provide concrete guidance on what I need to do to be proactive in my own progress really surprised and delighted me.

Entrepreneur, Ottawa

I had no chronic pain in my legs for a month

I came to Jo because I was desperate for a solution, but I have to admit I felt like it might not work.

During the session, I felt more relaxed. Afterward, I had no chronic pain in my legs for a month. I am also able to remember people’s names better.

I have since returned for regular reiki treatments with Jo.



Marion, Ottawa

I know this healing needs to be done on an energetic/cellular level

I came into the reiki session feeling frustrated, anxious, angry, resentful.

I left the session feeling relaxed + neutral.



Tiffani Purdy, Astro Guide + Strategist

I was so curious about reiki + what it could bring to my life.

I left our sessions feeling so grounded. I am consistently delighted by Jo’s approach and calming energy. I was surprised how centered I feel after just a short time together.

I truly appreciated our time together, our sessions were beneficial as she exposed me to new ways of thinking about old and current beliefs and feelings. Her direct yet supportive approach is very powerful!

Melissa, Ottawa

I was feeling tired and resentful. I was doing everything for everybody.

Before working with Jo, I was feeling tired and resentful. I was doing everything for everybody.

Jo created a sacred space for healing. It was so powerful to share experiences and knowledge with a group of women who were honest, generous, and open-hearted. Listening to their experiences helped me better understand my own – how I felt, how I feel and how I want to feel.

After working with Jo, I felt more hopeful, loved and respected. I realized I had co-created the situation I was in and that I the power to change it.

I was delighted by the gentle, kind strength she used to keep us on track in a loving way.

Sarah M, Ottawa

Jo’s approach is empowering, safe and loving.

Before working with Jo, I was struggling with a separation and feeling like I didn’t know where to turn next. I felt like I needed changes in my life but didn’t want to start going in too many different directions looking for what that change might look like. I have lots of goals and I’m a successful career woman, but I really felt like my efforts to find happiness was just wasting my energy and producing little return.

Jo’s approach is empowering, safe and loving. I felt much stronger and more capable. Stronger, more intuitive and peaceful. Jo didn’t try to “fix” me. She was very curious and didn’t pass judgment.

My biggest takeaway was that the answers to my dilemmas can be solved with thoughtful consideration. Sometimes flipping my most negative self talk on it’s head can be done quite simply by changing one negative word in a sentence.


Allison, Ottawa

I love that Jo is spiritual but real and super down to earth.

Jo’s energy is so positive.

I came into our session completely type A, and very flighty/up in the air. But coming out of it, and continuing (still 2 weeks later) I feel grounded and clear-headed.


AD, Ottawa

The reiki I received felt like an instant hit of ease and support.

After working with Jo, I felt more at ease and in flow with how I spend my day – both in my work and in my personal life. I am now better able to manage stress + more committed than ever to self-care and honoring my boundaries.

The potency of the distance reiki healing – was really incredible how I could feel the shifts almost instantly.

Jo is kind, open, and has the uncanny ability to see right through to your Spirit and what you truly desire to create. She is incredible at holding space and doing so in a way that you feel more held and supported than ever.

Britny West, Alignment Coach + Energy Editing™ Professional

Jo is down to earth, realistic and practical.

The shift I felt after the first session when Jo gave me another option for how to perceive the in-between state I was in was so powerful. And I loved creating a vision of who I wanted to be/where I wanted to go to act as an anchor throughout the process.

She kept me on course and supported during a difficult time, deepened the strength of my faith in myself and kept reminding me of the positive vision I was working towards.


BD, Ottawa

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