reiki 1 for ladypreneurs

A 5 week online certification course designed to amplify your life + biz with the magic of reiki


You’ve landed in this magical page because the Universe has finally aligned for us to work together! Woohoo!

Reiki 1 For Ladypreneurs is a 5-week Reiki 1 Certification Course for women who run businesses. This course is designed for you to learn how to integrate reiki into your business and life.

Why? (I'm so glad you asked)

Because, in short, Reiki makes things easier.

Reiki is the best healing modality I know– it connects you with your own healing gifts in a DEEP way, allowing you to get into flow, and open up pathways to the outcomes you desire.

It’s magic, and so are you.

The beauty of using Reiki in business is that you can use it on yourself (ya, you ARE your business) and also use it to call in clients, bring in more cash, and create ease in your launches.

Reiki doesn’t show you where you’re broken, it clears away your clutter and amplifies your inherent wholeness.


And now for the nitty gritty...

We start October 18 and journey together for 5 weeks

  • 5 live calls will be hosted each Thursday at 3pm EST. Our first call (which attendance is required on) will be 90-minutes, and each call after will be 1-hour. Recordings will be available if you miss!
  • A Reiki I attunement on our first class to have you mixing and mingling with this beautiful energy from the very start
  • Coaching on how to use reiki to infuse your business with magic, including one private 1:1 session with me!
  • A private FB group to share our adventures in reiki and to pass on resources
  • Guided reiki meditations to help strengthen your practice as we move deeper into the material

what you will learn

  • What reiki is + where it comes from.

    Reiki can be used on the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual level and can be sent to the past + the future. You’ll be given direct access to this healing modality from Day 1.
  • All of the different applications for reiki in life + business.

    Life: relief from anxiety and stress, better sleep, relief from physical pain, releasing bad habits, amplifying physical well-being, improving relationships, clearing spaces… and more!

    Business: calling in clients, creating new offerings, releasing anxiety around finances, clearing tech, moving stagnant energy in your biz, releasing old business beliefs/memories
  • How to deliver a reiki session for yourself and others (and also those busted looking plants on your window sill)
Take back the power in your life-Jo Tucker-death, kali, law of attraction, life, surrender, trust

“Jo was amazing with her knowledge and suggestions for practicing! It was an amazing feeling when the energy entered my body during the first attunement. It is very empowering to feel it channel through me, knowing I can now learn to perfect the channeling, open myself up fully and eventually help others. The class was laid back enough to let “life” happen when needed, yet still learn the tools we needed and incorporate them into our lives. Joanne made it feel very personal. I did learn a lot about myself and I am truly grateful for the knowledge that I now have. I cannot wait until the next class. Thank you Jo!”

Renee Corbett-Rosin | Trainer, Consultant

are you craving...

A juicy, peaceful feeling in your body that follows you throughout your life?

More ease, more peace, more kindness, more joy, more love, more powerful through ALLLL of your days?

With reiki, we’re letting go of all kinds of junk that no longer works- old thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, patterns and conditions.

Aside from the attunement, you’ll walk away with the wisdom and practical skills to start using reiki in all areas of your life + business.

At the end of the 5-weeks, you’ll walk away a Certified Level 1 Reiki Healer with deep knowledge in how to apply this modality to your business and life with a group of fantastic new lady healer entrepreneur friends (#priceless).


Take back the power in your life-Jo Tucker-death, kali, law of attraction, life, surrender, trust

“Learning from Jo has been awesome. Since our first class, I’ve been integrating Reiki into my life and business just about daily. Reiki has been a welcome addition to my healing modality tool belt and while subtle, feels powerful. I’m super grateful for Jo and the beautiful learning container she’s created.”

Erin Lindstrom | @ErinLindstrom, Sales Strategist + Founder of Shiny Bitches 

change your life.

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Jo Tucker

Want to know a bit more about me? OK!


I’m Joanne Tucker, affectionately called Reiki Jo. I’ve been a practicing Reiki for over 10 years and while I’ve dabbled in tons of healing modalities, this is by far my favorite. I’m so thrilled to be offering Reiki 1 for Ladypreneurs– it’s been in my field for a while and I know that now is the perfect time to co-create it with you.

Any questions? Feel free to shoot me a FB message or shoot an email to: You’re also welcome to digitally stalk me on my website, Instagram, or Facebook.



Take back the power in your life-Jo Tucker-death, kali, law of attraction, life, surrender, trust

“I am so drawn to Jo and her offerings. I have experienced Reiki treatments prior to this course, but not really understanding what it is or how it could help me in my personal and professional life. Jo explains and teaches practical, accessible Reiki tools to use every day or not! I have felt deep grounding sensations, more confidence and calm since the first session. Thank you Jo for sharing your gifts”

Mel Tranter | @theimbalancedmama

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Let’s heal ourselves, and the world. Together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t make the first class?
Because of the nature of this class + the container we’re creating together, it’s required for you to attend the first class live. If the timing f this round doesn’t work for you, feel free to shoot me an email to to get on the waitlist for the next round.

What is a reiki certification?
Reiki is passed down through a growing cohort of Reiki Masters. A Reiki Master teaches + attunes students to the various levels of Reiki. In Usui Reiki (my lineage) there are 3 levels of Reiki. Level 1 provides you the information + techniques required for this level to practice on yourself, your business and in-person clients + loved ones (and the shiny certificate to prove it!)

Level 1 provides you the information + techniques required for this level to practice on yourself, your business and in-person clients + loved ones (and the shiny certificate to prove it!)

What if I’ve never received reiki before?
If the energy and the practice is calling to you, then it’s your time. If you’d like to know more about reiki + the experience of a session, let’s connect. Reach out at to set something up. 

Will you offer this again?

Yes. Probably in early 2019 as I’ll be rolling out Reiki 2 for Ladypreneurs in November. To get more info, send me an email to

“I walked into reiki without ever experienced it before. As a yoga teacher I often have heard people talk about the benefits of reiki, but Jo really made it come to life for me. Her loving and positive attitude makes it so easy to engage with the group and keep you learning!
I look forward to expanding my practice and using the wonderful tools that have been added to my tool box.”

Jess K | Yoga Teacher + Fitness Guru

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