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Disney was right.

Dreams literally are the wish your heart makes. So pay attention.

I remember reading as a young girl that you could train yourself to remember your dreams. I can recall my bedroom bedroom, where I was sitting… and saying to myself “Joanne, tonight you are going to remember your dreams”.

I don’t know why it felt so important to me to remember my dreams, but it was. It felt urgent. And due to my great diligence, pretty soon I was recalling dreams every night. Not all of them, but the big ones.

And once I opened the floodgates, they never closed. For a period of time, I saw this as a burden. My dreams can be emotionally draining and there were periods where I was waking up with tears streaming down my face.

As I’ve grown into my own intuition, I’ve come to recognize them as guides and journal them out, trusting my inner guidance in interpreting them. And unlike before, I keep them to myself (except those really hilarious ones!).

“When your deeper self delivers a dream… Don’t talk about it. Don’t dilute it’s power. The dream is for you. It’s between you and your muse. Shut up and use it.”- Steven Pressfield

It’s an amazing journey to witness what your subconscious is sending your way.

Do you remember your dreams? What role do your dreams play in your life? Let me know in the comments.



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