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Can you find love and feel fear at the same time?

I think this is super interesting and something I’ve been ruminating on a lot. I know we can hold love and fear at the same time. I think we’re capable of being scared AND not letting that mess up our attraction point. For me (at this moment, I can change my mind at any moment 😉 ) love and fear aren’t on opposite ends, but a circle. Feeling fear is part of our human experience, just as love is- they need one another, we need the contrast.

Closer to the question, I believe that if we listen to our intuition and bodies, we know when that fear is productive vs destructive. And we know when we’re hurting ourselves and others. I don’t like being guided by fear, but sometimes it’s the journey. And sometimes it is required to work through our trauma and process. And in terms of love, I think that being in relationships of intimacy with someone else is one of the most fucked up things we do on this planet but it’s also a MASSIVE desire for everyone I’ve ever met. It’s two humans smashing all of our humanness together, and it’s fucking beautiful.

And because of this, I don’t know a love without some fear.

But I do know that taking full responsibility for the ish we can see in our lives- the trauma, the drama, etc- is the best thing for my attraction point. And that some of that trauma can be worked out by me, in my bed by myself. But some of it needs to be taken onto the field. There were/are parts of me that could only be healed in relationship. And each of my relationships have been very reflective of that. Note that it wasn’t about working out my issues ON someone, but with myself in couple with someone, as respectfully and responsible as possible.

When we don’t deal with our stuff, we’re rejecting ourselves and we attract others that will reject our wholeness as well. It’s real reckless for our souls.

I think the responsibility part changes our attraction point. You can still be afraid, but you love yourself because you choose to be with you, and the person you bring in with that vibration will too.

I think believing fully in love doesn’t mean living fearlessly but courageously, as you were discussing above. And courage means being like “welp, this is what I’ve got, I’m gonna give it everything I have and feel it all and let’s see what happens.” Again and again and again.




Hello, gorgeous soul. Today, I want to share a note to remember who you are. Because well, if I need it, I bet you do too.


I want you to remember your perfection, even when it feels so far out of reach. Even in the mess. The guck of it all. The wrongs. The rights.

I want you to remember that today is a new day. Right now is a new moment. And so on. And each is so full of possibility.

I desire for you to remember who you are right now and everything that has brought you to this point. You, at your core, are peaceful. You are freedom incarnate. You are Love.

Remember to laugh often. At yourself. At life. With others. Lead from an open heart.

Remember that, even in the hard parts, you are powerful. You contain everything you need.

Seriously, fuck scarcity. Fuck being without. Fuck not knowing.

You. Are. All. You. Need.

You are worthy. See yourself through the eyes of a lover.

Stay committed to yourself. To your truth. To the wisdom etched into your bones.

Remember to love yourself. Sink deeply into yourself. Sink into your emotions. Allow them to flow freely through you, allowing yourself to be seen in your fierceness. Your anger. Your deep gratitude. All of it. Love them up. Shake them out. Let them go.

Embrace all your bits.

And when it feels like life is such complete and utter unfair garbage bullshit, I want you to remember the power of swaying your hips. Perhaps to this song?

Infinite love and blessings.


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