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Celebrate your sisters in sacred ritual

I’m popping in with a new opportunity to rise. Small, intimate, sacred rituals to celebrate life’s milestones that are an actual reflection of your life.

I’ve been creating small, intimate gatherings for women over the last few years to support women in reclaiming their purpose and power, and came up with an awesome idea! We’re all surrounded by wonderful women in our lives, and the rituals we have around celebrating our biggest transitions… maybe they’re falling a bit flat (bachelorette at the bar, anyone!?????????‍♀️).

Here’s what I’m thinking: wouldn’t it be nice to gather our loved ones in a way that truly honoured each other and the transition in a way that’s reflective of our relationships- Loving, sacred, intimate? Without having to do all the work yourself?

I want to bring this to your world. I want to curate and deliver a gorgeous ritual that’s an exact expression of your love.

Movement, ritual, art, healing, deep belly laughs. I want to bring it all to you, for you (and maybe some goody bags will be involved too!?).

Let’s re-think and reclaim bachelorettes, wedding showers, birthdays… and all the love-soaked moments in between that are sprinkled throughout our relationships. If this calls to you, email jo AT

Bookings available for late June onwards. Currently offered to local Ottawa only.


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