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The Importance of Play

I’m just coming off of a weekend of PURE PLEASURE. I road-tripped with my best amigas to a beautiful land of bountiful food, biking, and wine. And I’ve come back feeling refreshed, on purpose and with a new spring in my step.

I can’t believe that I’m writing this blog post on the importance of play… because it seems like a no-brainer! But if it was, then why is it that it remains one of the most difficult things for most of us to make time for? Why is play and pleasure always at the bottom of our list?

In a life run by long to-do lists and basic survival tasks (eat, sleep, care for others), certain things like play and pleasure often get delegated to one small time slot a week, if it even gets that! We work so hard, we give so much to our loved ones. Transition sentence needed here

And even when we do squeeze in play time, why do we always attach some sort of agenda to it? We’re playing to get the kids moving, to lose weight, because getting outside is good for you. Similar to the term “self-care”, some of these activities take on some sort of “nefarious” agenda, some other thing on the to-do list in the name of Bettering Oneself.

And while none of those are actual negative reasons for seeking play and pleasure, they certainly do take the “fun” out of the activity, right?

So, I want you to close your eyes: what could you make time for in your schedule RIGHT NOW that serves no other purpose other than to make you smile? Have you cry from laughter? Make you feel like a kid again? PURE UNADULTERATED PLEASURE. That has no strings attached. No paybacks. No guilt.

It’s time to stop complaining about never having any fun and start having it! It’s good for our attitude, our hormones, our bodies and our relationships! I could literally link to dozens of articles about the benefit of play, but in the end, it just feels DAMN good. And since when is that not enough?

So, I have a small dare for you. I DARE you to get your agenda/planner/googleCal out and block out some time this week for some unedited fun, alone or with friends. Then, make any necessary arrangements that will help you secure this free time of yours. Select your activity of choice for the day and simply enjoy.

Let’s inspire one another! What’s one fun activity that you LOOOVE to do that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments.


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