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The Thing You Need to Know About Expansion

Man, is it just me or have the past few weeks been super energized. I’ve really been feeling in my flow. I’ve been consistently moving in aligned ways, producing new and yummy materials, feeling totally in service with my clients. The Universe is delivering BIG TIME and I am receiving in new, expansive ways. I feel like I’m riding high on top of one of those huge waves from the surf videos- and I am killing it. Hang ten and all that surf bro stuff.

This is the zone. It’s the foundation from which I desire to build and expand myself and it’s the space from where I desire my business to grow. It truly is a lovely view from up here on this wave.

But the thing about waves is that they eventually come to shore. And sometimes you get to ride that wave gently to the shallows, and sometimes shit gets crazy and you find yourself surfacing, sputtering seawater out your nose, gasping for air. And it’s this first scenario that I want to speak to today. Because even though it’s gentle in it’s approach, the aftermath can be devastating.



Imagine a scene like the one I described above. You’re winning at life, everything is going your way. Life is fucking great. And then, all of a sudden… not so much. Things just feel a bit stuck. Perfect. I’ve talked before about what to do when you feel this stuck-age, but today I want to talk a bit more about what this actually is.

I’ve witnessed so many women falter at this step. The first sign of stagnation, we see as failing. And worse still, we start to see ourselves as FAILURES. Yikes- that escalated quickly. 

This is simply not true.

What we’re experiencing is simply a period of contraction. Contraction periods come after we take massive action towards change in our lives. Sometimes these highs, or periods of expansion, can last weeks and months. Sometimes only hours. The same goes with the lows, or the contraction periods.

Expansion feels like awesome. Contraction is a period that’s generally marked by feelings of exhaustion, a lack of motivation, and a desire to hermit oneself. In a word: not-as-awesome. But so so important. And here’s why:

Periods of contraction reinforce our capacity to expand. They are mutually reinforcing of one another. They allow us time to rest our adrenals, to re- centre. It is here that we integrate the lessons we learned along our path to propel us on our next adventure.

Contraction is the sage woman to our wild soul. And together, they dance like our breath.

So the next time you find yourself pushing and struggling after a period of flow, breathe. This is a call to practice divine self-care. Dig out your list of all the things you can do for yourself that feel really fucking good (and if you don’t have one- make one now!). Devote yourself to nourishment for the next big wave. Cowabunga, dudes.


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