Good Enough: a summer of self-tending

somatic support for sensitive bodies

Good enough to be cared for. Good enough to receive the sweetness of life. Good enough to care for ourselves

6-week 1:1 coaching program

Weekly 75 min sessions

$1750 investment paid in full or 3 monthly installments of $585

Discount of 300 off (1450 total or 3 x 485) until July 27th

An invitation to say yes to a summer of self-tending for folks who feel like they’re hard to care for.

In this supportive 1:1 container, we’ll seek out your body’s unique treatment plan through slow, solid, somatic exploration, and build a doable commitment towards sustainable self-care over the long-term.

This offering is for the bodies of this world who tend to hang out in the low-end of their life force.

Folks who have a hard time naming and knowing their needs

Who have a tendency to overextend beyond their abilities, often unwittingly

Who have internalized the negative messaging about their voice, their abilities, their possibilities… and made a home within them, often settling for what’s easy and safe even though they can feel the burn for something more.

I have spent much of my life hanging out in these spots, trying all the different kinds of ways to push myself out of my personal freeze and into the bigness I desired for. I used a lot of shame and guilt to mobilize myself into action, only to find myself right back where I started– hiding, procrastinating, bingeing on rest and comfort that never felt satiating. 

I was consistently exhausted by my efforts and seemingly “broken commitments” to just be different, only to wake up to another day of more of the same. 

And the truth is, my body still has a tendency to move towards these lonely places. The only difference is now, I can name it for what it is, and I can tend to myself in the ways that restore my life energy, as opposed to shaming myself out of it.

I lovingly refer to us as fellow hypo-babies. The highly sensitive ones who are prone to collapse and futility in the face of potential pain or challenge. The ones who care deeply for others and have a hard time believing that they too can be cared for, met or matched. The ones with big dreams and ideas who can’t seem to take the next step.

In these 6 weeks, I’m bringing forward my wisdom in working with precious hypo-babies, providing 1:1 space for folks to practice and embody the core skills required for moving with our most sensitive parts, instead of shaming and blaming them.

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    2. A link to schedule your sessions. In this session, we’ll be orienting to one another, the work.

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