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Embracing Your Power: How Somatics Helps you Make Choices

Do you feel like you have no control over your life? Are you struggling to make decisions that will help you life your life within your values? If so, you’re not alone. Feeling like you have no choice can be a disempowering experience that limits your potential for growth and success. But, there is a solution. By making choices, you can regain control over your life and transform your future.

The Power of Choice

Making a choice, no matter how small, can be a significant step towards building confidence and self-efficacy. It can help you regain a sense of control and autonomy, which is crucial for improving your mental and emotional well-being. Even if you’ve felt powerless in a particular area of your life, making a choice can help you break free from limiting beliefs and self-imposed limitations, opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

Regaining Your Power

Regaining your power by making choices can be an intimidating process. It requires a sense of safety and the ability to overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty. However, feeling safe to make a choice can involve a variety of factors, including having a supportive network of people around you, access to resources and information, and a clear understanding of the potential risks and benefits of different choices.

For many of my clients, the process also involves introspection and deep somatic work, where you learn to recognize and challenge your limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers.

Even if the process of feeling safe to make a choice is ongoing, it’s important to recognize that making a choice and taking action is a victory. Every choice and action provides an opportunity for learning and growth. Even “failures” can be valuable experiences that contribute to personal development and self-awareness.

The Courage to Act

Taking action requires courage, especially when you’ve felt powerless or constrained in the past. But, with the help of a supportive network and access to resources, you can build the confidence and trust in yourself to overcome your fears and take steps towards achieving your goals.

Somatic Work

If you’re struggling to make choices in your life, it may be due to past trauma that has made it feel unsafe to make choices, let alone act upon them. Engaging in somatic work can help release this trauma and make it safer to make choices. If making choices feels really hard for you, consider reaching out here for support.


Making choices is a powerful tool for personal growth and development. It can help you break free from limiting beliefs and self-imposed barriers, and open up new possibilities and opportunities. It’s a process of personal growth that involves feeling safe to make choices, taking action, and learning from the outcomes. Embrace your power by making choices and transform your life for the better.

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