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Unfreezing the Spirit: Understanding Chronic Freeze and Its Behaviors

Unraveling the Frozen State: Identifying Chronic Freeze and Its Indicators

Welcome to the first installment of our blog post series, where we explore the depths of chronic freeze and its impact on individuals’ lives. As a somatic coach, I am dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey out of freeze and rediscovering their vitality. In this post, we’ll uncover the signs, symptoms, and behaviors associated with chronic freeze, shedding light on this immobilizing state.

Examining the Freeze Response: A Closer Look at Its Impact

Chronic freeze is a state that emerges as a response to trauma, causing individuals to experience prolonged immobilization and disconnection from their emotions and the present moment. It’s often the body’s last resort when it comes to protection from a perceived threat. And for marginalized bodies, it’s often the default threat response to systems of oppression. This section delves into the freeze response and explores how trauma triggers this survival mechanism, leading to the frozen state.

Behaviors That Speak: Signs of Chronic Freeze in Daily Life

Recognizing chronic freeze can be challenging, as it manifests differently in each individual. However, there are common behaviors and expressions that may indicate someone is stuck in this frozen state. I’ll explore persistent avoidance, emotional numbness, dissociation, hypervigilance, and decision-making difficulties as key indicators of chronic freeze. By understanding these behaviors, we can develop a deeper understanding of this immobilizing state.


In this first post, we’ve started unraveling the complexities of chronic freeze, understanding its impact on individuals’ lives and identifying the behaviors associated with this frozen state. By recognizing these signs, we can begin to explore strategies and tools to support individuals in their journey out of freeze. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we’ll delve into strategies for healing and growth.

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