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I went through most of my life feeling like I was alone in my pain, trying my best to feel safe: safe in belonging, safe in love, safe in myself. I pushed myself hard to overcome what I saw as faults in my core self to be someone who was independent, palatable, and trustworthy to the point where I had completely eroded my own sense of self-trust and self-worth. I lost my child-like wonder and excitement, my sense of direction in this world, and my capacity to deeply feel. 

If it weren’t for the numbness, it would have been sheer agony. 

Before I could re-connect to myself, I first had to have the fall- the deep realization that I was unhappy, stuck and small AND that I wanted different for myself. That the life I was afraid to want, was actually what I deeply desired. More aliveness, more movement…. more me.

Over the years, I’ve studied the art of being in-depth. And I have alchemized my past into a current state of joy. I experience full-spectrum living, the messy and the magic, and I experience a deep, stable knowing: I have myself, come what may.

Of all the modalities I’ve come to know, somatic work has been the absolute gamechanger for connecting to my own joy, strength, and capacity.

Why somatics?

Somatic support work is the intentional practice of noticing, exploring, and expressing the internal state of our bodies through movement, voice, and awareness.

At our most instinctual level, our body responds to the world around us by interpreting and responding to our reality as it occurs before us. 

This “neuroception” sizes up and detects threats automatically, then employs whatever trauma response it senses will best serve to protect you. It might hyper-socialize, flight, fight or freeze, for instance.

For bodies that have experienced trauma, these emergency responses can be stored in the body even after the threat of violation has passed. This can interact with our perception of reality (neuroception), and can inform involuntary, unconscious responses in our lives. Often these responses create great suffering.

Somatic support works with the nervous system, where these involuntary, unconscious responses live. Here, stress and stored emergency responses can be discharged in order to restore our neuroceptive capacity. 

Specifically, through attuning to and moving the body in cooperation with these responses, space is created for new life force energy, empowered choice, deeper connection with self and others, and moving out of long-standing patterns that have felt impossible to change.

Somatic work supports increasing our resilience so we can meet the challenges in our lives with greater capacity.

Sessions will focus on developing body-based attunement and may include personalized meditation, grounding exercises, movement and dialogue. 

How can we work together?

I work with folks in groups and in one on one containers, with a variety of different focuses.

Currently, I am taking 1:1 clients for high-touch, personalized somatic work. To find out more about what that entails, click here. Or click below to apply for a spot now.

I also host groups. Here are my upcoming groups:

  • Body-first business: opening in March 2023, BFB supports visionary leaders in healing from chronic burnout and overwhelm through somatic (body-based) nervous system health psychoeducation and practice. BFB is a space to support your nervous system so your body can be in better support of your big vision. To learn more about BFB, click here. To get on the waitlist, click here.

You are the ultimate expert in your own healing.

The techniques I use, including somatic trauma resolution, are designed to reawaken your senses and wisdom, placing you as the authority in your life.

You’re here to learn how to hear yourself for maybe the first time. And through the portal of deep deep connection with self, you can start to heal.

Healing for me means a return to one’s natural state of wholeness and well-being. Each person comes with their own natural blueprint for health, and we’re here to optimize it together. To learn how to grow through the life we’re in, no matter what comes our way.

Re-wiring our nervous systems towards resilience, sovereignty, and collective care so we can not only survive this human experience but THRIVE.

It’s not only possible, but it’s also meant to be. You are naturally designed to thrive. Allow me the gift of guiding you back to your birthright.

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