Here are some things I know:

I went through most of my life feeling like I was alone in my pain, trying my best to feel safe: safe in belonging, safe in love, safe in myself. I pushed myself hard to overcome what I saw as faults in my core self to be someone who was independent, palatable, and trustworthy to the point where I had completely eroded my own sense of self and self-worth. I lost my child-like wonder and excitement, my sense of direction in this world, and my capacity to deeply feel. 

If it weren’t for the numbness, it would have been sheer agony. 

Jo Tucker

But I had that lightbulb moment- that first inkling that I wanted more in life than to just perform my way through it. I desired to change, deeply, and from a place of love. I wanted to feel again and to open up to love. I wanted to receive the love and support of the people around me- truly and fully. I wanted to stop spiraling in the same self-defeating patterns in my life + career, and I wanted to feel proud of the place I had created for myself. I wanted to know and cherish myself, and feel as much joy and excitement as I could possibly radiate into my body. 

And so I’m doing it. I’m on the path. I’ve done over 18 months of intensive coach training, learning how to hold space for deep transformation and receive in sisterhood. I’m a Reiki Master, and have integrated Reiki as a form of healing myself, my past and my lineage to support me in living my most beautiful life. I’ve completed an intensive 6-month Trauma Resolution course, learning the intricacies of the nervous system, our somatic body, and the art of moving slow to create incredible, sustained change. 

I’m meant for this. And I’m here for you, if you feel that nudge to wade into this work too. 

My sessions with clients combine reiki + trauma resolution to move your energy, coaching to get you out of “stuck” and into action and teaching so you can understand the why + how, and apply everything we learn to your own life and business.




You are the ultimate expert in your own healing. The techniques I use, including embodied trauma resolution, are designed to reawaken your senses and wisdom, placing you as the authority in your life.

You’re here to learn how to hear yourself for maybe the first time. And through the portal of deep deep connection with self, you can start to heal.

Healing for me means a return to one’s natural state of wholeness and well-being. Each person comes with their own natural blueprint for health, and we’re here to optimize it together. To learn how to grow through the life we’re in, no matter what comes our way.

Re-wiring our nervous systems towards resilience, sovereignty, and collective care so we can not only survive this human experience but THRIVE.

It’s not only possible, but it’s also meant to be. You are naturally designed to thrive. Allow me the gift of guiding you back to your birthright.



We start by getting to know another. One of the most important aspects of the healing journey is choosing who to walk with. I’m not the best fit for everyone. If you’re living with the trauma of severe developmental trauma,  race-based trauma or sexual trauma (identity and violation), I am not your best fit. If this is you, reach out and I can send you to the people who are.

It is of the utmost importance that you feel safe, grounded and resourced because this is BIG WORK. I work my best magic with women who do too much and can’t seem to get the support they know they need and desire. The women who do too little, paralyzed by fear or regret or grief. Who see themselves stuck in patterns that don’t even logically make sense anymore, but continue to run their lives nonetheless.

In our 90 minute call, you’ll share as much of your story as you would like, and I’ll share mine. We’ll breathe and practice some of the techniques I use to shift and move the spaces that feel chronically stuck, so you can understand what the work looks and feels like.

HINT: slow, sustainable change is the flavor. We’re creating a new language through which you’ll commune with your greatest desires.



If we both decide that we’re that magic fit, we’ll enter into a 6-month container of work. This commitment costs $3000, with 6- and 8-month payment plans and sliding scales available. The goal here is to enter into a space that alchemizes: an investment that is doable and a push that feels good + is a bit edgy.

Investment includes:

  • A 90-minute intake session where we just get it all out and into the open. From here, we develop a customized plan
  • A 90 minute program delivery session where we go over your plan, your developmental objectives and ensure we’re in complete consent
  • 12 90-minute on-going sessions via ZOOM or phone.
  • Exercises, meditations, and tools to practice in-between our get-togethers
  • Access to my online Reiki training course
  • Light access to me via text or Voxer in between sessions, as needed.

Most women choose to meet bi-weekly, but we’re here to follow your own intuitive guidance and can meet more often or less often as required. If at the end of the 6-month container more support is required, we can investigate what that could look like, dreaming outside the box to meet your needs (an extended contract, a few more sessions, an in-person gathering). If at some point you feel complete with the experience, we can also wrap-up early. Your healing does not have to fit my business agenda. Your soul has a natural pace and plan– we’re here to honor it.

In each session, we’ll meet your emotional body where she’s in discomfort/longing/trigger, working in coherence with her for your greatest healing.




  • The loving guidance of the best Auntie you’ve ever had; big laughs, grounding chats, healthy boundaries and all.
  • An education around your body, healing and well-being that will alter your expectations and understanding of what’s possible in this human experience
  • A  safe, compassionate sanctuary to be who you are, in all your messiness and imperfection, as you grow + transform and create new ways of being.
  • Safety, confidentiality, and professionalism.
  • Unmatched soulful cheerleading. I see all the possibilities that exist within you and am here to remind you of who you are when you’ve temporarily misplaced your vision.
  • A partner to walk mindfully and in coherence with you on your journey. No pushing, bullying, or exploiting your mind, body, and spirit.
  • New skills around worthiness, belonging, boundaries, and bringing your greatest work into this world that feel integrated, graceful and life-giving.



  • Women who have the time and emotional space to work with themselves on this transformative journey. We move slow, we move deep. We are not here for quick fixes.
  • Women who have already started the process of self-inquiry, having worked with another therapist/coach/practitioner
  • Women who continue to experience the same patterns in their lives and realize that more than a logical and/or psychological approach is required for sustainable, deep healing
  • Women who believe in possibility and are willing to stretch the limits of what they think they know, feel and desire.
  • Women who link their own healing to the collective healing required to create sustainable, collective communities of care. We heal here together, to create collective healing for the planet.

If this rings with possibility and truth and all the good feelings, let’s connect and see where this pay can lead us.



  • Certified coach (over 18 months of training)
  • Reiki Master with 10 years of experience practicing and teaching
  • Trained under the guidance of Rachael Maddox, reknowned Trauma expert in the coaching field
  • I’ve worked as Program Auntie and Rebloom coach in Rachael’s Rebloom Coach Training
  • I have an MA Ed and wrote the thesis entitled “In Name Only? An Exploration of the Operationalization of Empowerment Outcomes in Transformative Participatory Evaluations”, critically exploring the power and politics in international development evaluation.
  • I’ve reinvented myself multiple times. I spent years building a youth centre in Montreal and too many years sitting in a beige cubicle working for the government. I have dated men I didn’t care for to avoid intimacy and now live in a home with my partner of six years. I am my best testimonial (but there are many others, too!).
  • I am an orphan. I have experienced loss that is hard, earth shattering and complicated- and I’ve rebuilt.
  • I’ve worked with multiple therapists, guides and coaches who have favoured their processes over mine and pushed too quick, too hard and too fast… and I vow to honour the mind, body and soul of each woman I work with.

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Learn who I am + where I come from and why I’m doing this work. I have a feeling we have so much in common.

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Let’s move towards greater peace + joy together. Maybe you find yourself circling in the same patterns that simply won’t budge. Maybe you’re doing waaay too much for others and way too little for yourself? Or you find yourself in a life you created… but can’t enjoy it. Or maybe you find that you feel way too much all the time or nothing at all? Wherever you are, it’s clear that the discomfort is at its peak and you’re ready to transform. This space is for you. 

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